About the Photographer

Hi and welcome to my way of seeing the world, and my attempt to create art.

About myself

I'm Anders Fredricsson. A guy from a rather small town in Sweden, called Trollhättan. I've been taking pictures for a few years now, but I just recently felt it was time to take the hobby to "the next level". So I got a digital reflex camera and started taking my photography a bit more serious.

This is my attempt to reach a slightly bigger audience than my family and hopefully get constructive critique, and grow thanks to it. Of course, there's nothing wrong with the critique from my family - they just tend to be quite kind.

The 365 Project

I decided to begin a 365 project, starting with this picture. I felt my photography was suffering due to work and similar, and hopefully managing to take (at least) a photo for a year will help me get better routine with my hobby. I also hope it will help me grow.

I do fear that to take one great photo per day might be really hard, so quality might vary a bit. With that I don't say that my other photos so far are great though. :)

Legal info

All the photos on this website are (unless specifically stated) subject to swedish and international copyright laws and copyrighted to me - Anders Fredricsson.
No copying, reproduction or modification of the photos are allowed without my permission.

That said though, if you are interested in using my pictures in anyway, please contact me at fredricsson.a [at] gmail.com.